About this demo

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Top tip! — double click on a person's image/icon to focus the display on that person.

About the data

The dataset presented within this application is the family tree of John Goodwin, one of the participants in the RAGLD project. It has been converted from a GEDCOM file export (a standard genealogy data interchange format) into RDF by a custom python script, and kindly hosted as Linked Data by Seme4 Ltd at http://gothwin.data.seme4.com/.

Information relating to persons who are currently still alive has been limited to their name and relationships within the family tree. Birth dates and any location details have been removed.

In addition to the data being made available through the RAGLD framework via a SPARQL endpoint and resolvable Linked Data URIs, we have provided a number of services which permit easy access to various slices across the data.

The parent/child pair-wise relationships have been asserted into a RAGLD_RelationshipStore with a number of RAGLD_RelationshipService instances exposing that data with resolution and free-text search capabilities. Simply by changing the configuration parameters of the service we have trivially produced services to report ancestors, grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren and descendants all from the same set of parent/child assertions.

Furthermore, there are simple services to retrieve names, events and gender for a person with given a URI, and likewise search capabilities to find the identifiers for people who match against certain search values.